Introduction: Fitness Landmine

I missed the Black Friday sale for a landmine to add to my gym. I built this one instead.

I had seen a similiar one on the internet (uploaded to Pinterest by Kellie Lynch) and found the simplicity of construction to be appealing, not to mention, the low cost.

Step 1:

Step 2: Material

At the local Peavey Mart I purchased a 6 inch length of pipe (with an opening of 2 inches) and a swivel caster.
Also used in the build is a 4 inch 1/2 inch bolt, washers, and a locknut.

Step 3: Tools

Tools used include a rubber mallet, drill press (hand drill could be used), drill bits, 1/2 inch wrench and socket, as well as black spray paint.

Step 4: Deconstruction

I removed the wheel from the swivel caster. This was made easier as when selecting the wheel, i ensured that I picked one tha was held together with a bolt.

Step 5: Construction

With the caster now open to recieve the pipe, I fit the pipe between the uprights and marked the hole locations to drill through the pipe. The uprights needed some bending and persuasion to bend enough to fit around the pipe.

Step 6: Drilling

Once the pipe was marked, the drill press was used to drill the holes. Wearing eye protection and ear protection, I clamped the pipe and drilled the 1/2 inch hole, stepping up bits from 1/4 to the final 1/2 inch size. I then used a file to debur the holes and to flatten out the threads around the holes. Ensure that you use oil when drilling, I used WD40 while drilling.

Step 7: Final

After spray painting with Enamel Black, the landmine was mounted onto my weightlifting platform by screwing it down in the corners.

The olympic sized bar end fits perfectly into the pipe and provides full range of motion.

I may not have to get a mass produced one!