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Introduction: Fits All Sizes Stylish Poncho Wrap

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This wrap is constructed from a 48" X 60" soft felt blanket. The inner trim can be sewn or pressed on with iron-on seam binding. It can be folded flat for traveling or just draped over a carry-on bag.  Just make a center cut from one edge 33" long (must be a little more than half the length).  Open flat and sew on the seam binding and cut a fringe on the ends. To wear just open the slit and place behind your neck and the side panels fall to the front.  You can then wrap one over the opposite shoulder and you are set.

Step 1: How to Measure for Cutting.

Lay the 48" X 60" piece flat and fold to find the center.

Step 2: Make the Cut.

Measure and make a 33" cut on the center line.

Step 3: Prep for Seam Binding.

Pull the cut into a straight line in order to affix the seam binding by sewing or ironing on. The center top will be the point at witch you place it behind your neck in order to form the wrap around your body.

Step 4: Put On.

Place the top of the center cut behind your neck and let the halves drape in front. Two sides fall from the shoulders.

Step 5: Back Covers You for Warmth.

Let the back rectangle fall behind for cover-up.

Step 6: Wrap for Style

Throw one half of the center drapes over the opposite shoulder and - Voila! you are warm.

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    12 years ago on Introduction


    Just in case you didn't know this is called a Ruana, origin - Central/South America

    I'm knitting one (that looks handwoven) from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberlyn (sp)