Introduction: Fitting Headlight Washer Jets 'Skoda'

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this is a how-to guide on fitting headlight washer jets to a Skoda Fabia, but the basic principle can be applied to other vehicles

Step 1: What You Need

Pictured are the parts i used and where i got them

1, universal screen wash bottle and pump 'ebay'

2 Skoda Octavia headlight washer jets 'local Scrapyard'

3 washer hose 'had in the workshop'

4, hose connectors, 2 straight hose connectors and 1 T connector, 'got a box of them from Halfords'

5 wire, 'had in the workshop'
6, wire taps, but there's many ways or wiring the pump in

Step 2: Removing Front Bumper

1st of all, the front bumper needs removed, there are 10 screws holding it on, 4 under each wheel arch and 2 larger ones at the front

Step 3: Mounting the Bottle and Running the Piping

Best place on the Fabia is behind the front bumper support/crash panel, as there is a perfectly positioned screw hole in the support to mount the bottle's holding bracket, also is easy to fill up

Then run the hose to the locations of where the jets will be mounted. I ran the hose inside the bumper support

Step 4: Marking and Drilling Out the Holes

After a lot of carful measuring, I marked out and drilled the apropriate side holes for the jets to fit

Step 5: Fitting the Jets

Drill 2 small holes in the jet as and bumper as pictured and screw to bumper, i used self tapping screws, than put the cover back on the jet

Step 6: Wiring

This is up to you, you could have the pump on an entirely different switch

I connected the motor to the feed for the windscreen pump so they both activate at the same time, i used wire taps, then I wrapped them in waterproof sealant tape to stop any future problems

I routed the wiring through the bumper support

Step 7: Reassemble, Fill and Test

Reassemble everything, which is the reverse of disassembly, fill the new bottle and test