Introduction: Five LED/Battery Holders

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Using an LED and a coin cell battery is a great way to shed a little bit of light on a project, or to teach some very basic electronics. There are a number of ways to keep them together, this video and instructable highlight five.

Materials/tools you might need: LED, coin cell battery, tape, binder clips, paper, fabric, plastic, magnets, scissors, pin or needle, 3d printer.

Step 1: Method 1: Tape

Wrap the LED and battery with tape. I used electrical tape, but just about any tape will work, so long as it isn't conductive.


  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Tape is easy to come by


  • If you want to turn it off, you have to untape it all, and that can be difficult or impossible if you've embedded it into something

Step 2: Method 2: Binder Clip

Use a binder clip to hold the LED legs on the battery.


  • Very easy to turn on and off.
  • Very easy to change.
  • Easily acquired.


  • Less easily acquired than tape.
  • Bulky
  • Plastic binder clips aren't a problem, but some are made of conductive materials which need an additional barrier like paper, fabric, plastic, or tape on the inside of the clip.

Step 3: Method 3: Magnets

Attach a magnet to one or both sides of the battery to hold the LED legs in place. Optionally, tape them together.


  • Assembly and disassembly are quick.
  • You can stick them everywhere!


  • Magnets stick to everything.
  • Less common than previous materials.
  • Dangerous if kids swallow them.
  • Possibility of a magnetic field messing with your project.

Step 4: Method 4: Paper Case

A case made from heavier paper; cardstock is preferable. This is not a hard and fast diagram, I sketched it out with pencil, tracing the battery to find the right size. You can make this fit whatever type of coin cell battery you have. Assemble it as shown in the photos. If you put the final flap in the top pocket, it will hold the battery and let the light run. If you put it in the bottom pocket between the LED leg and the battery, it will turn off the light.


  • Paper is everywhere and is inexpensive.
  • Easy to fold.
  • It has a switch!


  • More flimsy than the other methods.
  • Very little kids may have trouble cutting the shapes accurately.

Step 5: Method 5: 3D Printed

3D print a model custom designed to hold what you need. The file attached to this step is for a CR2032 battery and LED.


  • Totally customizable.
  • Super cool.
  • Sturdy.


  • Not everyone has access to a 3D printer, and it requires knowledge of how to use them.
  • Takes longest of all of these methods.

Take a look at the videos of how I modeled and printed this case. (Part 1, Part 2)

These are just a few options. Leave your ideas for other ways to connect LEDs and a small power source in the comments.

Have a great day!

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