Introduction: Five-Minute Fruit Tarts

About: My name is DJ and I previously made electronic whatsits, 3D-printed thingamabobs, and laser-cut kajiggers for the Instructables Design Studio; now I build and repair puzzles for Particle Industries.

I have a berry-based dessert obsession: I can't get enough fruit tarts! [insert Alice in Wonderland jokes] While these may not qualify as a proper tart, they taste nearly the same. I wanted a way to quickly (and cheaply!) enjoy a proper fruit tart taste without the time commitment, so I made a quick recipe whilst wandering through my local grocery. Let's begin!

Step 1: Ingredients

(box) graham crackers

(8 oz.) cream cheese spread

(1/2 cup) sugar

(1 cup) raspberries

(1 cup) blackberries

(1 cup) blueberries

This will yield about 10 servings.

Step 2: Make Spread

In a medium sized bowl, combine the cream cheese spread with your sugar. Continuously fold over until the blend is well mixed. I only had regular sugar, but confectioner's sugar would also work well. You may use regular cream cheese as instead of spread (it is cheaper), but it takes extra time to become easily stir-able . We don't have that kind of time!

Using a butter knife, slather the sweet cheesy mix onto a graham. Repeat for the remaining crackers.

Step 3: Add Desired Fruits

My favorite tart fruits of choice are black, blue, and rasp berries, but feel free to add your own desired sweet slices of fruit. Presentation is half the battle when it comes to tasty food, so I opted to decorate my tarts in a checkered pattern.

Step 4: Eat!

Invite some friends, or strangers (whomever you prefer really), to enjoy the tarty goodness. Share your photos in the comments if you make your own rapid desserts!