Introduction: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Tips

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Hello everyone! Five nights at Freddy's has been all the rage ever since last summer. I have tried my hand on it, and discovered some very simple tips to refresh your memories. Most are very obvious to some, and a few I got these tips from other individuals. This post does have some spoilers, so read at your risk.

Step 1: Night 1

As usual, the phone memo plays in the background, but since it could be your very first try at five nights at Freddy's, it's very simple. One task you must do is wind up a music box. But on night one, you don't have to wind it until it is 2 am! So you don't need to be so stressed about night 1.

Step 2: Hallway Hazards

Sometimes, animatronics like toy chica or mangle appear in the hallway in front of your office. Don't worry too much about toy chica, since she will go back. Mangle, though, is different. If you are in your cameras or looking through the hallways and hear its radio box, you should put the mask on right away and remove it until you don't hear it anymore. So hearing in this game is essential.

Step 3: Foxy Fright

On the night 2 phone call, the phone guy mentions foxy in the parts and services. To get rid of him, he says to flash your light at him, and it should do the trick. Don't take his advice too seriously. Some people I know will waste 1 bar of energy on foxy. To get rid of foxy, you only need to flash him for about 3 to 5 seconds.

Step 4: Balloon Boy

I give the youtuber prettygrumpybear credit for this tip. Sometimes on nights after night 1, you can hear balloon boy talk for a brief moment. But if you keep track of the number of times you hear him, the fourth time he talks, he will be in your left vent. Knowing this, you don't have to be paranoid about balloon boy as long as you listen carefully. Thanks for looking at my instructable. If you liked it, then favorite! If you have suggestions, put it in the comments. If you don't want to miss any instructables, please follow!