Introduction: Fix Any Zipper Pull With a Zip Tie

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There is no need to throw out a good suitcase , backpack or winter jacket just because the zipper broke. All you need is a zip tie and you can repair your broken zipper.

Follow these instructions .

Step 1: Broken Zipper

No need to buy a new jacket or backpack just because the zipper broke . All you need is a ziptie and you can fix that broken zipper.

Step 2: Remove the Broken Zipper

remove the zipper

Step 3: Make Sure the Hole Is Big Enough for Your Zip Tie

Step 4: Place Zip Tie Through Hole

Step 5: Close the Zip Tie Till Its Fully Around the Zipper

Step 6: Cut to Desired Length

Cut the zip tie and sand the sharp edges if needed.

Step 7: Now You Have a Makeshift Zipper

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