Introduction: How to Repair HP 1702 Lcd Monitor With Broken VGA Cable

Hi this is my first instructable, hope you like it and any comments welcome.
my motivation for this began when my 17" monitors molded cable broke internally leaving me with no monitor, and seeing as i could not just buy a replacement cable i decided to explore inside to see if i could fix it, upon looking inside i thought it cant be that hard considering i have little experience soldering.

so i set to work and these are my results

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

1. philips head screwdriver
2. pocket knife
3. soldering iron
4. cored solder
5. tin snips
6. heat gun
7. an old vga graphics card

Step 2: Disassembly

to disassemble you need to remove the stand by undoing the two screws in the middle at the bottom of the back, once the stand is removed you need to undo the two screws that hold the back cover on, once that is done take your pocket knife and gently pry the case apart, don't be too heavy handed or you could break it.

once the case is open you need to remove parts of the chassis, there is a large piece of tin covering the main board, this can be removed by undoing two screws located near the power socket, after that the tin piece slides towards the bottom and can be lifted away to expose the circuit boards

then we need to remove the wall mount plate which can be removed by undoing three screws two at the top and one at the bottom, you will also need to remove the grounding screws and VGA cable to the right and unplug the power socket to the left, now we have access to both boards, remove the VGA cable from the wall mount plate and discard,

then remove the four cables connected to the driver board and then the board just lifts off,
now on to the next step

Step 3: The Actuall Repair

to start we need to remove the white plug the VGA cable originally plugged into by flipping the board over and desoldering the 14 pins.

then we need to remove the VGA socket from the old graphics card, i used the heat gun for this as it was easier than desoldering the 17 solder points (i found this out the hard way) DO NOT use the heat gun to remove the white plug on your monitors board, there is a good chance you will lose some of the surface mount components from the board, i tried this and did remove some of the tiny parts but was lucky enough not to lose them and managed to solder them back on.

you could just buy a right angled 15 pin female VGA socket but i had an old graphics card or two lying around so decided to use that

Step 4: Soldering the New Socket on the Board

when you first removed the monitors driver board you probably noticed the space for a 15 pin VGA socket

now press the VGA socket you removed from the graphics card (or bought) into the holes on the top of the monitors driver board and solder in place,

now we just need to re assemble

Step 5: Re-assembly

Re-assembly is the easy part just do all you did to disassemble but backwards until you have finished putting the wall mount plate back in place,

you will obviously notice that if you try and put the large piece of tin and back case back there is no access to the newly installed VGA socket

enter the tin snips, place the piece of tin where it would normally go and take a marker and mark out where you need to cut to get access once it is put back permanently, i did not do this for now as i do not have any tin snips at the moment so i have just left the piece of tin out for now, but i will put it back at a later date

then i cut out a bit of the plastic back case so i could plug in a regular vga cable, it is a bit messy but its a small price to pay to get my monitor working again,

then all you need do is screw the case back together and re attach the stand

Step 6: All Finished

all finished and working