Introduction: Fix Swagway, Hover Board, SkyWalker, Swegway, IScooter Red Ring of Death.

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What ever brand of knockoff Chinese electronic you found upon yourself do not worry they are all essentially the same. To fix these boards it is pretty simple. There are 3 different problems that seem to effect these boards In this intractable we will cover recalibrating the board. I will link the others intractables as I make them.

Step 1: Step 1 Determine the Problem.

So you were trying to ride you hover board or what ever rebranded name they gave it. Suddenly the Red Ring of Death appears (if you owned a white Xbox360 you know what I mean). Your board has thrown an error and detected a problem and conveniently deactivated your board and now its an expensive paperweight. So you consult your owners manual and realize it is just generic badly translated english. Lets Start with the easiest solution witch probably solves 30% of peoples issues.

Step 2: ReCalibrate the Board.

I may be as simple as "Something went wrong" and your board is now lost. As in the sensors are off to some degree and it things up is down. Kinda important for a self balancing board to know witch way is down. So the solution is super easy.

Press the power button till the device is off.

Step 3: Set the Board Flat

Set the board on a flat surface and hold it perpendicular to the floor.

Step 4: Hold the Power Button

Then Press and Hold the power button for about 10 Seconds. The Green Battery Light turns on and the red ring of death Light will flash a few times. Once all of the lights all over the board start flashing calibration is complete. Turn the board off and then back on and you are done.

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