Introduction: Fix JVC GR-DV800U Camcorder Error Messages E01, E02...

I have a JVC GR-DV800U digital video camcorder that constantly gives me error codes when starting. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to play a tape or record a new video, after powering the camcorder on it will give me an error (E01, E02, etc. / Remove Reattach Battery). The error always says remove and reattach battery but that doesn't actually solve the issue.

I suspect there is an issue with the tape sensor that thinks the tape is either stuck or too loose. This is only my theory but after finding this camcorder in my closet again I set out to retrieve the video footage and burn it to a DVD.

Items needed:

JVC GR-DV800U that will not function due to error messages

Pinned up frustration

Step 1: The Solution

After trying several combinations of actions with the camcorder I think I found a solution, at least it worked for me. It's simple, when the device is off hold down the PROG. AE button while powering the device on. I suggest waiting 5-10 seconds after it is powered on before releasing. At this point try to operate the device normally.

I was able to transfer 7 different DV cassettes to DVD and now the camcorder is functioning like it should. Occasionally I get another error code but I repeat the process and it works every time.