Introduction: Fix Led Bulb

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I was disappointed with low life duration of a led bulb . Less than 1year is a shame , so i decided to make some research and found out that those bulbs have a circuit inside of it with many led in series . Like blinker christmas lights if one is burnt all the other don`t work .

  1. Notice that there are many reasons to bulb not work .
  2. Only fix in this instructable is led damaged .Also notice this is a quick fix.
  3. Right thing to do would be replace burnt led .
  4. I know that Ohm law should be considered and used a resistor

Step 1: Opening Bulb

Those bulbs are easily opened using a screwdriver around the joint , pieces are made of some kind of plastic , so no worry about break things .

Step 2: Testing Leds

Leds are diodes that emit light , then being a diode means that current goes just in one direction , not the opposite . Using a multimeter to make a continuity testing (shown in picture). Test all of them , when find the one that don`t turn on make some mark on it with a pen.

Step 3: Smash the Black Sheep

Smash burnt led with flat nose plier . It is easy

Step 4: Soldering

Remaining place left by led are metal base on PCB . Use solder wire and soldering iron to joint separated metal base.Glue used on bulb is not strong ,i just closed bulb attaching spots on there , but if necessary can be used some glue to make it stay closed .

Step 5: Finish

As led are very bright i could not show the result , i mean other leds working despite that there is one less. I am very happy with result , my led bulb working again. As there was another bulb left a did the same process and got another bulb back to life .