Introduction: Fix Loose Eyeglasses With a Rubber Band

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This is an instructable, to fix an extremely annoying problem of loose glasses.

No, its not a rubber band around the back of your head. ::-)

I like to wear vintage eyeglasses and often they will be stretched out and end up further down my nose than I'd like, often when my hands are too busy to push them back up.

A lot of the newer frames have great spring loaded hinges that will alleviate the problem. What can I say, I love the classics, and the challenge of restoring a great pair of old spectacles.

Step 1:

Here's all you need.

Eyeglass screwdriver

Paper hole punch

A punch that will make a smaller hole

Rubber band

A pair of stretched out glasses

Step 2:

I like to use the silicone rubber bands. They last much longer and have better spring to keep your glasses snug on your head. You can also use those silicone bracelets that are everywhere.

Punch out a dot with your paper punch and then punch a smaller hole in the centre. That's it!

Now, do it again.

Step 3:

Remove the screws from the hinges. (Make sure you put the them in a safe place. Hard to see without your glasses.)

Stretch the washer over the hinge and put the arm back on and replace the screw.

If this does not give your enough correction, you can add another washer.

Step 4:

I’ve added this step as an alternative for larger heavier frames. It's a longer washer which will cover more of the arm where it hits the front of the frame and therefore create a bit more shimming for the hinge.

Step 5:

Before and after.

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