Introduction: Fix Pin Badges - With Magnets

Make your badges easier to swap out and last longer with less pieces to rust / get damaged.

You will need:
- Craft knife (pocket knife will do - just for minor scraping)
- Pin badge
- Fridge magnet

Step 1: The Magnet

A standard fridge magnet with a round magnet is all you'll need n addition to your pin. Wack the fridge magnet with a hammer  - or carefully prise out the magnet with your knife of choice. Then scrape the glue off the surface.

You can also use dead headphones - all types off speakers have a magnet in them - for quick instructions on how to use headphones instead pm me.

Step 2: Pop Out the Pin

Easy enough - self explanatory but the pics are there for reference

Step 3: All Done

Just put the magnet on the inside of your clothes and that's about it - no more rusty pins, no more holey t-shirts!