Introduction: Fix Sleep Number Bed Display

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I am going to show you have to correct a common fault in the Sleep Number bed system.

Those of us who have these beds might have seen this fault and now the bed has lost it's charm because you can no longer accurately customize the bed for your needs. Time to resurrect the displays on this bed.

What you will need

Plastic Pry tool (cell phone opener)

Hair dryer or heat gun

About 15 minutes per display

Step 1: Open the Unit

Using your pry tool start at any point along the side and gently pry the two parts of the case open. Don't use lots of force because you will end up distorting the edge of the case making sharp bits that will stick out later after assembly. Should this happen take a sharp hobby knife and trim the offending bit off the case half.

Step 2: Let's Warm Up the Display

In the first photo you will see the infamous partial display fault. I did not unplug the controller when doing this. This was to save time.

Get your heat gun and adjust it to where it is too hot to put your hand in front of it. I used about 300F.

Now set the display on a surface that can take this heating up process. Let's not start any fires. Slowly warm the screen until it becomes totally black. Do not heat the display up too fast as you can easily burst it. Right when the display turns completely black back off just a little and keep it black for about 15 seconds. Now as the display starts to cool start massaging it in a circular motion with both of your thumbs.

You most likely will not be successful in the first try. You should see and improvement as some of the segments will come back. Keep doing this process until the segments all appear in the display.

For testing the unit while disassembled lick your finger and use it to actuate the button pad and the unit will power up and the display should come on. I used this trick throughout the process to check my process.

Step 3: Reassemble the Controller

Insert the controller board in the bottom case half and then push the two case halves together until they fully snap into place. Now you have a fully functional display.

What we have done in this case is reconstitute the liquid in the display.

Now go get the rest you deserve.