Introduction: Fix Sticking Wooden Drawers

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Older wooden dressers don't have modern day sliders. Sometimes they can be a pain to open and close freely. The drawers can bind and stick. This is a really easy hack that will save you loads of frustration every time you use your dresser. I've applied this to all my wooden dressers and works great!

All that is needed is a piece of candle wax or a bar of soap. I like using white candle wax as it's not noticeable once applied.

Step 1: Steps

  • Remove the drawer completely that is sticking from the dresser.
  • Take the wax or soap and rub it on the "runner" where the drawer slides on.
  • Also rub some wax or soap on the drawer itself where the bottom slides on the dresser.
  • Put the drawer back in the dresser and test!
  • Repeat every few months if it starts sticking again.


Here is a short video of the whole process and showing how well the drawer slides.

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