Fix Wooden Garage Door Gaps Due to Uneven Floor

Introduction: Fix Wooden Garage Door Gaps Due to Uneven Floor

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    • Fast, easy fix if you your garage floor is uneven
    • No measuring, drawing lines or following cut lines
    • Wooden hinged-panel garage doors only
    1. Remove the weatherstrip from the bottom of the door and remove any handles or hardware that will get in the way of the saw.
    2. Close the garage door and find the biggest gap.
    3. Use the emergency release cord to free the garage door.
    4. Place a circular saw on the garage floor as shown at the biggest gap.
    5. Adjust the garage door height until the blade will barely clear the biggest gap.
    6. Block the very outside edges of the garage door so it will not move while you are cutting.
    7. Place weights or have an assistant hold the garage door down.
    8. Saw the length of the garage door dragging the saw along the floor, the saw will copy the contour of the floor to the garage door.
    9. If the edges where the saw can't reach need cutting use a plunge saw. I like this one for $20 from Harbor Frieght: CHICAGO ELECTRIC Oscillating Multi-Tool. Use their bi-metal blades, they are great.
    10. Replace/put on a new weatherstrip
    11. If the door now has a gap along the entire length follow the instructions for your system to adjust the stop point.

    Note: My pictures were taken after I had replaced the weatherstrip

    PS: Here's a really good video on how to install a new weatherstrip


    Circular saw



    Oscillating Multi-Tool

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