Introduction: Fix Your Action Figure Repair to Put Legs Back On

Do you have action figures that have fallen apart? This works for GI Joe and some other action figures. I fixed my dad vintage actions figures so I can use them. The O ring probably decayed or dried out on your action figure and it is very easy to put it back together. I am 12 and fix them myself.

Step 1: Get O Ring

Get 3” 3/4 O Ring replacement because your figure fell apart because the ring broke. I ordered mine from Amazon.

Step 2: Unscrew Back

Find all 3 figure parts - the upper body, legs, and pelvis. Use a small philips head screwdriver that will fit the screw in the back of the figure’s torso and not strip it. Loosen the screw all the way.

Step 3: Take Off Back

Once you have removed the screw, VERY carefully lift the back panel straight up and not at an angle or you might break the pegs inside. The limbs and head may slip out of their slot but that is OK and we will put it back later.

Step 4: Remove Old O Ring

Take off old O ring, Your o ring is probably broken because it snapped as the plastic dried out from old age.

Step 5: Stretch O Ring

Use your fingers and stretch the new O ring slightly several times.

Step 6: Connect O Ring to the Legs

Slip the O ring on the T bar hook of the legs.

Step 7: Slide O Ring Through Pelvis

Gently slide the O ring through the center of the pelvis. Be careful not to use too much force or you will snap the crotch piece.

Step 8: Attach Legs and Pelvis to the Upper Body

Put the top of the O ring around where the screw was in the torso. Double check that you have the feet facing in the correct direction so that you do not end up with the butt facing the wrong way.

Step 9: Put Back Head and Arms

Put the arms and legs back in the slots but be sure the right vs left arms are on the correct sides.

Step 10: Attach Torso

Lower the torso down so the 2 pegs fit into each other and place where the screw goes lines up. You may to angle the bottom of torso into the pelvis

Step 11: Screw Up the Figure's Back and Go Play!

Put screw into the back and tighten.

Caution: after some play or use the band may pull on the screw and loosen it. So tighten the back periodically.

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