Introduction: Fix Your Couch

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Sometimes bad things happen to good couches... very, very bad things.

Reupholstering is awesome, but hard. If your couch cushions are ripped, but the rest of your couch is intact, why replace everything? This instructable offers an easier solution. 

Note: O Skylos Rex (pictured) is innocent. He was used for re-enactment of a crime committed by another dog.

Step 1: Damage Removal

The level of destruction exerted on your couch is will determine how much must be replaced. In this case, only the tops of the cushions were... eaten.

First, remove the cover from the cushions.

Next, using a seam ripper, remove the damaged portions of the cushions. Set the removed portions aside, you will use these as a pattern for the replacement fabric.

Step 2: The Cover Up

Find a suitable fabric that either contrasts or matches your couch. Use your imagination. If you have enough undamaged fabric from the old pieces, consider sewing some of the new and old fabric together to create an interesting pattern. This is a great opportunity to customize your couch.

Using the removed, damaged fabric as a pattern, cut new pieces of fabric.

Turn the couch cushion inside-out. Pin the replacement fabric in place and sew around the edges.

Be sure that patterns face the same direction when fixing couches with multiple cushions.

Step 3: Good Job

You kept your couch out of landfill!!! There is rarely a reason to buy something new; You can fix what you've got and make it cooler than something you could find in the store.

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