Introduction: Fix Your Harmonica

In this fast and quick Instructable we are gonna fix my Harmonica, which have lost one of the screws.

Step 1: Step 1: Lost Screw

this little guys are sustaining the Harmonica covers, but when you are wearing your instrument everywhere, they loose strength, and sometimes it can fall of the harmonica.

If you see it or it is on your pocket you can just put it again, but sometimes, it gets totaly lost, and you can't find it.
At this point you can go to a store in which they can try to replace it, or you can do a nice fix with which you will never have problems again.

Step 2: Step 2: Put a Zip Tie!

Find a Zip Tie that enters inside the hole made to place the screw, and zipp it.
if you cut and make the edge rounded it will be comfortable to play with it and the problem will be solved.

Other Adventages:

- Always know which is the left and right side of the Harmonica instantaniously.

- If you need to open the harmonica you just have to remove the screw on the other side and rotate the cover without removing the zip tie (you can also remove it, they are very cheap).

- You can hold it with a whire or something.

- You will have a conversation topic and people will be amused of your hability to solve things with simple stuff.

- You can play your harmonica again, go there and have a nice time with it !

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