Introduction: Fix a Broken IPhone Cable With InstaMorph

In preparation of our Build Night at the Attraktor I was trying out the InstaMorph we got from Instructables. The material is great, once you have it in your hands you're thinking "this is awesome, I should do... with it". The first thing that came into my mind was my broken iPhone cable.

Step 1: Heat Up the Material

Pour a few of the pellets - less that I did, you'll be surprised how little you actually need - into a bowl and pour boiling water over it.

Wait a while... Once the pellets have turned transparent they a soft and moldable.

Step 2: Knead It

Take the pellets out of the water with a fork or spoon and squish it into a form that will loosly cover the cable all around.The water should evaporate pretty quickly, when dry mold it around the plug and cable.

Wait... done.

Step 3: You Can Do Better?

The first time it didn't turn out too well. it was a little loose and wide.

Great thing is, you can just reheat it and mold it again. I took a hairdryer, reheated the plastic until it was translucent again.

It still isn't a beauty, but it works. :)