Introduction: Fix a Ceiling Light Finial With an Aluminum Can

I have switched out a few of the lights in my house for ceiling fans and found that the fixtures I removed were a little nicer than ones installed in other locations of my house (like the one in the mudroom off the garage).  I had been meaning to switch them out for a while, and when I got around to it, I had lost part of the finial.  I had the nut, but was missing the decorative washer.

I went down to the hardware store, but I could not find anything similar to the part.  Finial nuts are abundant, but that washer piece is very hard to find.  

I figured out that I have a ready supply of domed metal pieces available from soda cans.

Step 1: Supplies and Materials


1.  Can opener
2.  Sandpaper
3.  Drill w/ metal cutting bit
4.  Metallic spray paint (that matches the color of your fixture)
5.  Scissors or tin snips
6.  You may need some protective gloves and glasses


1.  Empty soda or beer can
2.  Something to spray on (I use scrap plywood)
3.  Random wood screw (really doesn't matter what size, but something over and inch)

Step 2: Cutting Out the Parts

1.  Empty the can.  Use the can opener to cut off the bottom of the aluminum can.

2.  Use your scissors to cut the can in half and retrieve your domed aluminum disc.

3.  Sand the convex portion of the disc so that the paint will stick to it better

4.  Drill a hole through the center of the disc.  If you have to hold it, USE GLOVES!!

5.  Drive a screw into a piece of plywood and drop you aluminum ring around it.  This should hold it into place while spraying.

6.  Spray the disc your color of choice.

7.  Let the ring dry and place it on your light fixture.