Introduction: Fix a Door That Won't Stay Shut

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The apartment we live in is over 100 years old, so it has some issues. The door between the two bedrooms (we have a strange layout) had some problems last year and it would stick, now it's so far from the door frame that it's easily pushed open. It would randomly open from wind, stepping on a creaky floor board, or the dog might push his way through. Since we've designated the tiny "bedroom" as the room for smoking cigarettes, it's important that this door stays shut since I don't smoke and it's icky.

Fixing this was on the top of my list when I heard about Sugru ( The fix is working great so far!

I couldn't figure out what to call the little piece that moves in and out when you turn the handle. I Googled it and decided that the "bolt" is a good name for it, so when I refer to the bolt, this is what I'm talking about.

Step 1: Materials

1 pack of Sugru, whatever color you'd like.
A door that won't stay shut (because of a wide gap).

I used a tiny bit for another hack, but 1 (5g) pack should be the right amount. I was surprised how closely the green matched our oh-so-green trim.

You can buy Sugru here: You can do so much with this stuff, it's worth buying a big pack.

Step 2: Prep the Door Frame

Wipe the strike plate (and surrounding area) with a damp cloth. Make sure it's completely dry before continuing.

Note - If the strike plate is exposed (mine is painted) and it's brass, it probably won't stick. You might be able to stick it to the door frame though. I'm not sure what other metals have problems, but brass is one. I wasn't sure if it would stick to the paint but it worked for me!

Step 3: Sugru the Door

I've decided that "sugru" is a verb now just like "google".
  1. Wash your hands first.
  2. Cut open the pack of Sugru with scissors along the dotted line.
  3. Work the Sugru in your hands for 30 seconds.
  4. Mold the Sugru into a wide short stick. Mine looks kinda like a thick piece of gum.
  5. Stick it onto the door as indicated in the pictures.
  6. Mold it so that the hole side lines up with the edge of the hole.
  7. I shaped it so that it's angled from the opening to the hole, where it needs to be thickest. You can smooth out the Sugru with your fingers if you wet them first (that's how I got it shiny)
  8. Wash your hands
  9. Let it cure for 24 hours. Leave the door open until then.
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