Introduction: Fix Cracks in a Rainwater Tank With Sugru

After weeks without rain you search for any pot you can catch the next shower of rain with. In this short instructable we will show how to fix cracks in a rainwater tank with sugru.

What we need is a rainwater tank with cracks and one or two mini sugru packages.

Pay attention that coloured sugru may colour your fingers and cloth. Idea: wear one-way gloves.

Hint: the left tank ist the one with the crack. The old patch was broken.

Step 1: Clean It

First of all clean the broken part.
We don't need old patches or dust.
This place of the old patch as seen on the photo needs definitly more cleaning!

Step 2: Apply Sugru

Now form a worm of sugru and patch the hole. Warm conditions (weather, material, fingers) help.
I applied sugru both from outside and inside of the tank.

I should have done more cleaning of the patch area.

Step 3: Check for More Cracks

I held the tank into the sun to make a photo form the inside. This way I discovered a second crack 5cm right of the crack already fixed from the outside. Lucky me!

Step 4: When Work Is Done Wait at Least 24 Hours!

Sugru stops beeing kneadable after some 20-30 minutes.

The first patch formed a small bulge over the crack. I think that happend because of the movement of the sides of the crack when applying the inside patches. At one point I decided to ignore it to not risk small cracks inside the patch itself.

After applying your patches wait at least 24 hours before testing the patches.

I waited serveral days as the was no rain to fill the tank. But now there's water in the tank and all looks fine.