Introduction: Fix Off Track or Leaning Windows

Have you ever had a hand crank door that won't roll up or its really hard to crank the window up, or maybe, like me your windows roll up sideways.

This instructable aims to get you back to that hand-cranked goodness that you just can't get with power windows!

This is a pretty easy fix after i did my first one i fixed my second door in less than 30 minutes!
I am only 17 so if i can do it you probably can.

Im not responsible for whatever you do to your car i am not a mechanic in any way

Step 1: Gather Tools

Tools i needed:
vice-grip pliers (not needed but helps)
needle nose pliers
a screwdriver
a ratchet
some sockets i used 10 mm for the window rails and 7.5 mm for the speakers
and a door handle tool (not needed to remove the handle but if you have 5 bucks its a lot easier)

Step 2: Remove That Hand Crank!

We have to remove the door panel to get to whats causing the problem, so the first thing i did was remove the hand crank. I am working on a Pontiac Grand Am but the same ideas should apply to just about every car.
All you have to do is slide the hand crank remover under the hand crank and it should pop right off. It is only held in place with a metal clip.

Step 3: Remove the Power Lock and Door Handle

All you need is a screwdriver and some care for this step

remove the two screws holing the handle to the door then you can pull it the door handle cover right off then undo the clip that powers the power locks and toss it aside

this will obviously be different for different cars so just find anything that stops the door cover from coming off and throw it aside

Step 4: Get the Door Cover Off

Take off anything thats still preventing the cover from coming off.
Start from one corner of the cover and pull, your going to have to pull hard but be careful you can break the clips that hold the cover not the car, on my car the tops of the cover has tabs that you have to push in then pull up, be careful not to break these as these make the door feel a lot more secure when its on.

Step 5: Gain Access to Window Rail and Mechanism

Remove your speaker and set it aside its just a couple of screws and bolts that you have to undo i didn't fully disconnect the speaker as there wasn't a need to.

now carefully remove the adhesive that holds the weather thing on the door, only remove as much as you need to we will tape it back on. My pictures are backwards if you noticed, after i finished the job i started documenting it.

Step 6: Fix the Problem(s)

I had many problems in my car so i had to fix them all.

From the speaker panel you can see the window rail and the bolt that holds it when you undo that bolt you can move the window back into place in the rail. When you do this you should take the bolt all the way off then move the rail back onto the window, then you can go ahead and adjust it from there. You also want to lube the rails i used the wd-40 but that a short solution don't do it, use a silicon spray or something for long lasting results.

Now the problem of the window going up sideways was caused by that x looking thing . it was coming undone so I took the vice-grip pliers and clamped it as hard as i can witch fixed the problem.

If the rear rail came off then it is the same thing as the front except that there is not an adjustment, you can still take the bolt off and move the rail back into place.

Step 7: Lube Up the Mechanism

My windows were pretty hard to wind up, some wd-40 on all of the moving parts quickly fixed that problem. like i said in the last post you should use a silicon lube on the actual window and window rail.

Step 8: Put Everything Back the Way It Was

crank the window a few times to make sure it works and fixed the problem
if every things good lets put the cover back on.
Tape the weather cover
put the speaker back on
attach the power locks
attach the door cover
put the handle cover back on

Step 9: Install the Crank Back On

Put the little spring back on the crank halfway with your hands, put the crank back on then using the door handle removal tool install the spring fully by pushing it in instead of out.
you can make one of the springs with a paper clip if you lose one, its pretty hard but it works just try not to lose those clips