Introduction: Fix Your LCD's Dead Pixels

So you may have seen recently I did the NB200 screen repair,  well to my surprise I turn the laptop on with the brand new screen and boom dead pixel Great !!!.  Not all was lost though through a very simple process I was able to coax the pixel back in to life,  First thing I need to say is this is for a specific kind of pixel referred to as a stuck pixel.   You can identify a stuck pixel as it will always remain the one colour either red, green or blue,  If the pixel is just black its gone and there is really no way to fix it.

Step 1: The Software Fix

Ok so you have your stuck pixel you have been looking at it for hours and its driving you crazy,  first thing to do is download a program called UD pixel,  You can see the program below all you need to do is use the standard setting and push start.  This will make a little box flashing colour come up on your screen use your mouse to drag this over the dead pixel.  The hope is the rapid changing of colour will snap the pixel out of its stuck state, it is recommended you leave it running for two hours.  In my case this didn’t work but not all is lost.

Find the program here

Step 2: The Hardware Fix

The next thing you can try is controversial but it worked for me,  use your finger and apply some pressure to the dead pixel then drag your finger along each axis of the pixel.  You can see  the axis I mean in green in the image below.  You man need to do this a few times but in my case I just hit the right spot and the pixel popped back to life.

Of Course do all these at your own risk, If you monitor is under warranty I would suggest you just contact the manufacturer.

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