Introduction: DIY Injection Moulding to Repair Headphones *UPDATED*

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Everyone had this time in life- broken headphones jack... again.

I came up with idea that help me repair my headphones and make them stronger after repairing.
Just using some hot glue and basic skills.

After following my instructions you will be able to finish with plug show on the photo.

Step 1: Hey! What Happened to My Headphones?!- What Would You Need to Repair Them?

No! My headphones jack is broken again!

What to do?
There is some posibilities:
-Buy new headphones- What a waste of money! I like my headphones! Why would I change them ?

-Repair broken jack using new plug- Ok... headphones are working correctly... but my headphones isn't as pretty as before! I want them to look good!

-Use this instructable to make your headphones plug look good- hey! I can save some money using old plug!

I don't know what option would you choose, but definitly I'll chose third possibility ;)
I wanted my headphones look good, and I didn't want to use ordinary replacement plug from electronic store.
Just using some hot glue and plexi i made something that will help you repair your jack pretty way!

So... your headphones are broken again.
What would you need to bring them back to life and give them non-zombie look?
-Broken headphones (very useful when you repair them)
-HOT Glue! or sugru (chose your weapon!)
-Some 1cm thick plexiglas
-Some screws
-Drill - preferably with drill pres
-Silicone oil

There is other posibility, you can 3D print the mold, I've prepared *.stl files for those who have acces to the 3D printer.
I don't have any posibility to print my own mold ( you know... Poland...) 3D printing of that small object would cost me as much as 1KG of PLA filament so...

File named "split" is for making joints on headphones cable like the spots where cable splits on two.

Step 2: Making the Mold!

Now you want to make the mold, it will be reusable so you can fix as many headphones as you want.

You need two pieces of plexiglas taped together. Then you have to drill a 3 mm diameter hole through the all mold.
And use 9mm drill to make the first hole bigger (look photos)
I drilled two holes for screws to make the pieces easier to line up.
It's good to smooth the inner using 1000 grit sandpaper.
Thats all for making the mold :D

 I made second mold, uploaded some photos, works better than first.

Step 3: Repairing the Plug

When you make your mold there is time to repair some plugs!

I bought red hot glue, just beacuse it looks better, you can use regular transparent or black, yellow, blue... whatever color you find in shop.

I know that instructables like GIF animations so i made two showing process of making plug.

At first you need to spray some silicone oil on the both parts of the mold, then apply some glue to one side of the mold and place mini jack plug with all wires soldered at their place. Cover this with another layer of hot glue, but not too much! and then put on second part of the mold and press strongly. Now you can just wait when the hot glue get cold.

When the mold and the glue is cold (you can speed up the process by putting it into freezer) try to carefully remove the mold, cut any excess glue  and enjoy your new pretty plug!

Step 4: It Was Easy, Isn't It?

That's all. You've just repair your hedphones and didn't make them look like zombie - working but ugly.

I hope you enjoy my instructable.
Leave me a comment what you think.
Post photos of your work, I'd love to see them!

Thanks for reading!

By kondzio29
 Thanks to Kiteman who help me make this instructabe better.

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Step 5: UPDATE ;)

This instructable will be updated every time I make something to improve my idea.
For example- If I 3D print a mold for making plugs I'll post photos and the description in this step.
Feel free to check sometimes if there is something new here ;)

Few days after I post This instructable I have to fix plug from my USB charger and I realised that my mould is useful for fixing plugs different than audio plugs. It can be used with many different plugs like power plug or even for an USB plug if you prepare new mould correctly.

Look at the pictures I took when I was fixing my charger plug.

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