Introduction: Fixing Broken Headphone Jack

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I can’t tell you how many times my headphones have broken off inside my phone. Even worse, they’ve been stuck inside my laptop! This recently happened to my friend so I thought it may be more common than I thought. Today, I’ll show you how you a quick way to ensure you get that cracked off headphone jack out.


  • Super Glue – found at any CVS, Target, Amazon, Michaels etc…
  • Toothpick
  • Safety Pin
  • Heat – simple lighter should do the trick Note: turn off your phone or laptop and remove the battery first.

Step 1:

Using your toothpick, clean out any loose particles from inside the headphone jack port. This is where the lighter comes in. Heat up the safety pin to make it easier to slide inside (at a slight angle).

Be careful and gentle so as not to destroy the headphone jack, but you want to inset the pin into the plastic core so you can create a small hole for your safety pin to sit inside. Note: this too me a few attempts and may vary depending on how the headphone jack breaks.

Once the hole for the safety pin has been created, pull the safety pin out.

Step 2: Safety Glue

The goal here is to create a seal between the safety pin and the hole you created in the broken jack inside your phone or laptop.

Apply a small amount of super glue to the to the tip of the safety pin so that it creates a seal between the hole you just created and the tip. Hold that safety pin in place for about thirty seconds so that the glue forms a bond. Be careful not to get any super glue on the sides of the headphone jack. Now, let it sit for a couple of hours so that it fully bonds with the plastic of the broken jack.

Step 3:

In one swift motion, firmly pull on the safety pin.

Hopefully, any broken pieces of the jack will pop out. Whew, you’re done. No expensive repairs.

This was a bit of a scary experience for me as this was my favorite laptop, but with a little patience and delicateness, I saved my headphone jack without paying for expensive repairs, and used the money leftover to buy some wireless headphones so I never have to deal with this again.