Introduction: Fixing an Overly Eager DVD Drive Eject Button

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I love my new Lenovo T530 Thinkpad Laptop except for one thing, whenever I grab it on the side and brush the DVD Eject button with my fingers, the door pops open! It's way too sensitive! I found a bunch of software solutions that disable the DVD Eject button with a program that lives in the Windows System Tray but that just seemed wrong to me. A hardware problem deserves a hardware solution!

In brief, I opened up the DVD drive and used my Dremel to trim just a hair off the button actuator. Now instead of opening whenever I flutter my eyelashes at it, you need to actually push the button. Perfect!

Step 1: Remove and Open the DVD Drive

First, turn off your laptop.

Then remove the drive from your laptop. On my computer, there were two slides I had to move and the drive came right out.

Next, eject the drive manually. To open most drives, you just stick a thin piece of metal like a safety pin in a hole in the front and CLICK! out it comes!

Take the faceplate off the drive so you can get to the back of the button. On my drive I didn't need to fully remove the faceplate to get the access I needed.

Step 2: Shorten the Button Actuator

After getting the first tab off, I realized that getting the other tab off was much harder [frownyface] but I also noticed that I didn't need to remove the faceplate completely anyway! [happyface]

As you can see in the image, I bent the faceplate just enough so I could see the base of the button. The little nub sticking off the back of the faceplate is what pushes the actual button that is on the drive itself. I shaved just the tiniest bit of the actuator off with a Dremel tool and Ta Da! the button is perfect!

I did it in 2 goes, I shaved it off just a hair and reassembled it to see if it was short enough. Then I took it apart again and shaved off another tiny bit before I was happy with it. I was worried the button would become loose where it sits but happily all I did was reduce the spring tension on the button. Snapping everything back together took just a few seconds. Everything went quickly. It took 20 minutes to write this instructable and only 15 minutes to do the fix!  

Hope this works as well for you as it did for me!

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