Introduction: Fixing Dry and Cracked Leather

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When you've had the same leather couch for a couple of years, it shows some signs of wear and tear. Use it for a little longer, the leather becomes dry and cracked and has an itchy feeling whenever you sit on it. Instead of buying a new couch or hiring some guy to replace the leather, you can use this simple trick to moisturize the leather. It is also fun for children to do!

Step 1: Lotion

Lotion is a great way to moisturize leather, as well as your hands in the process. Any type would work, body lotion, hand lotion, etc. I prefer to use body lotion because it is cheaper and also comes in big bottles.

Step 2: Get Messy!

Squirt a good amount of lotion onto the leather and start rubbing. Once you can't see the lotion anymore, feel for dry spots by running your hand over the surface. If there is a dry spot, squirt some lotion on it and start rubbing again! Be sure to get the edges. Once it feels smooth, you can let it dry. If it still feels rough the next day, you can repeat this process until it feels smooth and new. (Note that the cracked look of the leather might not go away.)

Step 3: Done!

Now you have smooth leather and in the process, you have moisturized your hands!

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