Introduction: Fixing Fiberart Mount

I put together this instructable to show how I solved the problem of my knotted tapestry coming off the original mounts.

To test this method, I used one of the four large pieces that I'm sending to a show this week. I chose it because when I tried to pull the other pieces from their mounts, they wouldn't come off. I was able to pull this piece off the mounts with just a few tugs. This piece has a lot of wool while the others are mostly cotton. My theory is that pieces with more wool don't stay as well because of the oils in the wool.


3M 30 lb Extremely Strong Mounting Tape

sewing needle

strong thread

Step 1: Adding Thread to Tape

  1. Before cutting off a section, knot the thread and run it through on the red side, not the sticky side.
  2. Cut section off.
  3. Bring needle up through tape again.

Step 2: Attach Tape

  1. Select the spot where the new tape will meet with the original tape and mount
  2. Bring needle through tapestry and pull tight
  3. Be sure it comes through between the knotted sections
  4. Due to the sticky tape you have to give it some force. Be safe.
  5. Then reinsert needle again between the knotted sections and pull through the other side.
  6. This first stitch needs to be tight to hold the tape in place.
  7. The short video clip shows that the thread can't be seen as it pulls tight between the knotted sections.

Alternately, you can remove the red plastic strip first and stick it to the textile in the correct position. I did not try it this way as I did not want to deal with the extra stickiness. Either way, the knot of the thread should be on the side next to the tapestry to ensure that there is maximum connection between the two sticky surfaces once they are connected.

Step 3: Finishing

  1. After several passes, you will have a secure enough attachment to the tape and you can cut the thread and press it into the tape.
  2. Connect the new tape to the original mount.
  3. Use one hand on the back of the frame behind the mount to create resistance and your other hand on the front of the textile to press the two pieces of tape together. They will stick to each other quite well.
  4. The third image is another section just to show that it won't always be nice and neat on the back as you can't tell where the needle will be coming back through each time and that you can use more passes if needed.
  5. I didn't replace all the mounts on this piece, just the three at the top for more security as they would be the most supportive mounts.