Introduction: Funky Air Conditioning Repair

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  • Eliminate foul smells!
  • That smell is mould and mildew.
  • That's me and what I use when someone comes to me with a funky smelling air conditioning system.
  • It's easy, inexpensive and effective!

Step 1: Start With the Vehicle's Engine Off

  • Work with the doors open for up to half an hour
  • With the brake set, shut the engine and air conditioning off
  • Have a look at this video I made explaining how Air Conditioning works and demonstrating this procedure
  • Although I strongly recommend using a product designed for the task (such as the one shown) you can use ordinary spray disinfectant like Lysol or a mixture of vinegar and water
  • Clean Air leaves the car with a "new car smell" that disappears in a few days and is otherwise odorless
  • Household deodorizers may leave strong lingering scents of their own

Step 2: Locate and Spray All Vents

  • Begin at the top of the dashboard with the windshield defrost vents
  • Work your way down the sides looking for side window defrosting vents
  • Check front doors for side mirror defrosting vents and open door to spray passages on door and dash
  • Spray driver / passenger vents across the face of the dash
  • Look under the dash for vents and spray generously
  • Look under seats for tube-like vents supplying back seat area with conditioned air and spray generously
  • The objective is to spray the evaporator from the vents so use the application straw to work spray in deep

Step 3: Start Engine and Set A/C to Max

  • Start the vehicle's engine
  • Set the air conditioning system to Max A/C, full fan

Step 4: Locate Recirculation Vent and Spray Generously

  • Look under the dashboard on the passenger side for a vent that obviously draws air in (as opposed to all others that blow air out)
  • Spray recirculate vent generously (full fan)
  • This is the best shot you'll get at the inside of the evaporator so spray thoroughly

Step 5: Switch From Max A/C to A/C Vent

  • Switch A/C selector from A/C Max setting to A/C Vent blended setting full fan

Step 6: Locate and Spray Cabin Air Intake Generously

  • Outside the vehicle at the base of the windshield is the cabin air intake vent
  • Keep the engine running and the air conditioning set to A/C Vent blend with full fan
  • Open the vehicle's hood to remove protective grate / screen to access the cabin air filter (if so equipped)
  • Remove the filter before spraying intake generously (full fan)
  • This is the best shot you'll get at the outside of the evaporator so spray thoroughly

Step 7: A/C Off, Full Fans, Windows Open

  • Shut off the A/C, leave the fan on full and the engine running
  • Leave all the windows down and allow the fans to blow full for at least five minutes
  • Done!