Introduction: Fixing Macbook Pro Rubber Feet With Sugru (Giving It New Shoes!)

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You are at a coffee shop showing your friends that cool video or app you are making on your Macbook Pro, then your friend says: "Let me see that" as he/she turns your computer at an angle towards him/her to see the screen better you hear the bottom of your Macbook Pro getting scratched with the sand and whatnot. The sound is so intense that even you feel the pain and for a second want to scream at your friend but can't. Well why? Doesn't your Macbook have the little rubber feet on its bottom? Oh no it doesn't, its old and those have fallen off through use and you forget to buy the replacements every time.

Well... worry no more, with Sugru you can quickly fix this painful thing!

Materials Required:

1. Black Sugru (1 Pack of 5 grams is enough for one Macbook)

Tools Needed:

1. Your fingers

Step 1: Get Some Sugru

Head over to and get some black Sugru this material is really cool, you can shape it to any geometry and it will set overnight and fix this problem.

If you want you can get some other color you like and make your Mac's feet look even cooler! If you are like me and you like the stock look, then black is right.

Wash your hands before starting.

One pack of 5 grams is enough for fixing the four feet of your Macbook. Divide the Sugru lump into four quarters.

Step 2: Make Them Into a Ball Shape

Shape the Sugru quarter lump in your hands to a spherical shape and put it at the centre of your Macbook Pro's feet section

Step 3: Press It

With your thumb press the ball of Sugru and deform it until it closely matches the size of the area that you want to cover up. Make sure to remove excess Sugru if needed.

Step 4: Shape It Into a Circular Form

Use a flat object to slowly shape the Sugru lump into a "perfect" circular shape that will look exactly as the original then with your finger continue to flatten and round off the lump until you have a circular dome-shaped lump, just like the original rubber feet. This might take some while, especially if you are a perfectionist. 

Remember to also put your Macbook on a flat surface so you can level off the new "shoes" then continue reshaping until everything is perfect.

Step 5: End Result

The end result should be a really nice round and dome shaped lump of Sugru which will give your poor Macbook the shoes it deserves! I hope you like this guide! Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment.

This guide was made at the Hacknight hosted by H3 Laboratories sponsored by Instructables and Sugru in El Paso, Texas.
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