Introduction: Fixing Microscope Stand

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The USB camera for the microscope failed a long time ago.

My microscope stand broke. I stepped on it. Thus I decided the fix this stand and purchased a webcam online with a lens.


Parts: blue tack or clay, masking tape, crocodile clips.

Tools: scissors.

Optional parts: metal wire.

Optional tools: pliers.

Step 1: Fixing Stand

Before you could use the black knobs to move the stand up and down.

I placed the blue tack underneath the stand to hold it. I used Bostik blue tack, a well-known brand. Other brands might not stick well. However, you can use a cheap blue tack for this purpose because you do not need sticking.

You can try using plasticine but you need a hard material that will hole the stand in one place.

Step 2: Testing

I connected the crocodile clips to a 5 V source. This could be a USB drive output. However, I know many friends that burned their USB drive outputs and this is not food if you have an expensive MacBook or Apple Macintosh computer.

You can see the LED is very bright at night.