Introduction: Fixing Mouse Click Problems (Left, Right and Double Click)

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If you are experienced PC user, you have probably come across a malfunctioning mouse. The culprit in the majority of cases is a component called miniature snap-action switch, or micro switch. Double-clicking in a single click, inability to create a continuous line in paint application and inability to drag something are the most common problems we face for a broken mouse button switch or micro-switch. Every micro-switch has an average expected lifetime of 100,000 clicks. As left button has a maximum use, most of the time we face a problem with the left button. But there are two buttons which are rarely used. Wheel button is one of them. When left or right button is not working, still there is 99% chance to found wheel button in good condition. So, by interchanging the malfunctioning button with the wheel button we can double the lifetime of the mouse. This is the secret thing of this instructable.

In this instructable, I will show you how you can fix your mouse by interchanging micro-switches. The method is super easy with no cost. For clear understanding watch the instruction video below.

There are a lot of other fixing methods available on the internet but I think this is the easiest, more reliable and 100% working solution.

Step 1: Tools Required

1. Small screw driver

2. Soldering Iron with some solder

3. Desoldering pump

or 9 in 1 DIY Electric Soldering Iron Starter Tool Kit Set with Iron Stand Desoldering Pump from

and a very basic soldering knowledge.

Step 2: Mouse Disassemble

1. Flip the mouse over and find screws on your mouse. Usual places are under rubber feet, in the battery compartment, and under stickers. Consult Google with a name of your mouse and word "disassemble".

2. Use the Phillips #1 screwdriver to unscrew the screws. After getting rid of all the screws, the upper part of the mouse should come apart. Grab the top shell of the mouse and lift up to remove.

3. Remove the wheel from the bottom part.

Step 3: Detaching Circuit Board

Detach the circuit board from the bottom part and remove the connector for mouse cable.

Step 4: Desoldering the Buttons

Locate the faulty button and desolder it (I have the problem with the left button). Also, desolder the wheel button. Use desoldering pump. If you find any difficulty to desolder add some solder to the pad and try again. Follow the video instruction for clear understanding.

Step 5: Resolder & Reassamble

Now, place the wheel button to the position of left button and re-solder it. Again, place the left button to the wheel position and re-solder. Finally, reassemble all the parts.

Test and Enjoy.

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