Introduction: Fixing Sticky Bike Grips With Old Tube

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There are two types of bike grips: Those that are too hard and those that get sticky earlyer or later.

First are no fun, second will be.

So I tried fixing them, with different kinds of tape, which worked out very well. For three or four warm days and then the tape itself got sticky.

I almost started sowing something from leather, but finally came to the idea of pulling an old tube over it.

This is so easy, and has worked well for more than half a year with good surface feel and no cost.


about 1.7" thin tube, (flat laying 4,5-5cm wide)

soapy water.

Allen key to get the grip of the handlebar

Step 1: Cut to Length and Pull It Over

Take the grips of the handlebar.

Cut the tube to two equally long peaces and soap in grip and tube.

Give all you can to pull the tubes over the grips.

Put it back together.


The thinner the tube, the more easy to pull over.

If you take the inside out, you have a smoother surface.

It was not so easy to pull the tubes over these ergonomic grips.

Because they are as comfortable as expensive i really wanted to work it out!

enjoy your ride!