Introduction: Fixing a Broken Audio Jack on a Guitar

recently I began to notice, that while playing my guitar the audio would randomly cut out. At first, I thought the problem was the cord. but after using the cord successfully with other sources, I realized the guitar was the problem. When I removed the cover on the audio port, I found that the pin that connected to the audio cable was bent backwards, and was thus not always making contact.


a screwdriver that matches your guitar's screws

Step 1: Find and Access Your Audio Port

On my guitar, the audio port is mounted in a metal plate screwed into the front of the guitar. Your guitar will probably be somewhat different, but the idea is the same. Just remove any screws needed to get to the port, while making sure to keep track of where everything goes.

Step 2: Fix Your Audio Port

Depending on your guitar's quality and build, the connector may be different. on mine, there is a large pin that makes contact with the tip of the cable. I applied pressure and bent the pin so it made contact well, and for me, that was all it took. depending on the damage your audio port has taken, you may need to take it apart or replace it.

Step 3: Close It Up

Quickly check that your audio out works, and then put your guitar back together. I hope this instructable helped you, let me know if you have any questions.

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