Introduction: Fixing a Broken Leg on Furniture

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I am what people call a Furniture Flipper. I rescue damaged, unwanted, old furniture and transform them with paint and special finishes so they can be used and loved again. Most of them are in very poor condition and have broken and missing parts like the foot of this cedar chest, which was missing a big chunk.

Step 1: Mixi the Mold Putty Components

I had to rebuild the missing part, so I used some silicone putty to make my mold. I mixed the white and purple components of this product called EasyMold until both blended completely.

Step 2: Make the Mold

Then I wrapped my mixed putty around the good foot of the chest I wanted to replicate. In 25 minutes my mold was dry and ready to be used.

Step 3: Preparing Bondo Wood Filler

I prepared enough amount of Bondo Wood Filler (super hard), inserted it into my mold.

Step 4: Attach Mold With Wood Filler to Broken Foot

I firmly attached my mold with the wood filler mix to the broken foot and waited 24 hours for it to dry.

Step 5: Glue the New Piece to Foot

I used wood glue to attach the rebuilt chunk to the broken foot, then held them together with tape and clamps for 24 hours, to make sure the glue was completely dry.

Step 6: Sand Foot to Desired Shape

I sanded the "new foot" with an electric sander and then a sandpaper until I got to the shape I wanted. After that the new foot was ready to be painted.

Step 7: Fixed and Refinished!

Here is the chest ready, after I fixed and painted it.

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