Introduction: Fixing a Fishing Pole

My love of fishing started as a kid; living buy Lake Ontario I spent many of my summer days catching fish with a bamboo fishing pole. Feeling nostalgic last year I bought a 16 foot telescopic fishing pole from China to use in the ponds and small streams where I live. Many of these waterways are unsuited for a fishing rod but great for fishing poles. Well the first time I used the pole the tassel that attaches the fishing line to the pole came off. So I had to figure out a fix.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Spool of black whipping, you can use thread however ordinary cotton thread will not do. If you use thread use Heavy Duty Silk or Nylon thread. Cotton thread is not very strong and fluffy to the point you can’t get a smooth finish on your epoxy coating.

Utility Knife, for cutting the whipping.

Epoxy Resin, I used 5 minute epoxy to coat the whipping.

Side Cutters

Needle Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers great for forming loops you can get all of these pliers as a jewelers pliers kit.

Buzz Bate Spinner Wire this I salvaged from a bass rig.

Step 2: Custom Eye

The end segment of my telescopic fishing pole was so fine I couldn’t find a tip top with a small enough ferrule to fit the tip. Other single foot guides had feet just too wide to whip to the pole securely.

The only wire strong enough and water safe I had was spinner wire from a buzz bate bass rig. I used spinner wire smaller in diameter than the poles tip to make an eye. I used the side cutters to to cut the spinner wire.

Then I used the round nose and the needle nose pliers to form it using the existing eye and adding shoulders for added grip to the whipping.

Step 3: Whipping

All the steps of whipping any part of a fishing rod or a fishing pole are the same, just where you start the whipping, and stop the whipping changes.

Cut off a 6 inch piece of the whipping and put it to aside.

Right behind the eyelet, lay a 1/4 inch of the end of the whipping along the shaft of the pole.

Holding the 1/4 inch piece of whipping in place, wrap a couple turns of whipping around the shaft, the custom eyelet and the end of the whipping tightly.

With a couple turns holding everything in place wrap the whipping around the shaft until you are past the shoulders of the custom eyelet.

Pick up the 6 inch piece of the whipping you put to aside and fold it into a loop and lay it over the whipping on the shaft.

Finish wrapping the last 1/4 inch of whipping over top of the loop.

Cut the whipping about an inch from the shaft and pass the end of the whipping through the loop.

Pull on the two ends of the loop hard and fast pulling the end of the whipping under the wrapped whipping.

Cut off the excess whipping and coat with epoxy.

Step 4: The Fix

This looks like a little fix but with out the tassel or the little eye the pole is useless.

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