Introduction: Fixing a Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop That Won't Charge

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Sometimes, chargers suck.

However, sometimes it isn't the charger. But now it is time to learn how to do surgery on a laptop to repair it!!!


A Phillips screwdriver with a point 5 mm across

A power jack - in Amazon search for (your model) power jack.

Your laptop

NOTE: This method is based off a Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15acl. Yours may vary.

Step 1: Step 1: Open Up the Laptop.

Here's something that is NOT fun. The laptop has a bunch of screws on the back, and these are small ones. You want to use a Phillips screwdriver that is about, say, 5 mm across.

If you try to open up the back before all the screws are out, you will damage the screws.

Step 2: Step 2: Find the Old Power Jack and Replace It

Think: where do you plug in your charger when you charge your laptop? Located at this point is the power jack. It may look like the one in the image, surrounded by a circle. Unscrew it and pull it out.

If your motherboard is screwed down, you will likely need to unscrew it to remove the old power jack. Be sure you know where to return the motherboard once you finish.

Now, put in the new one and screw everything down.

Step 3: AND NOW....

Close your laptop back. Screw it down. Plug in your charger in. Relax. You have successfully fixed the laptop's charger issue.