Introduction: Fixing a Lid Handle With Wood

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For this easy project I had the chance to use a wood lathe (thanks Tody) but you can also carve the wood using hand tools.

So, if you want to have the perfect hobbit inspired kitchen set, keep on reading !

Step 1: Tools I Used

You need :
- A pen

- A screw driver set

- Safety glasses

- Wood Gouges

- Carvers mallet

- Pliers

- Sand paper

(The next tool can be replace by a vertical drill)

- Drill

- Forstner bit

- Clamps

Step 2: Start

Disassemble the old part and save the metal and plastic ring.

Because we will use wood, change the bolt to a screw.

Step 3: Wood

Choose your wood.

I had the choice between oak and walnut, because it was a first time project for me, I used oak. Finally, I prefer the curves and the lines of the oak wood.

It's better to use dry wood (less chances of it cracking).

Cut the wood at the dimension you need it (tip : I cut it too short for the wood lathe, that made it difficult for the carving, so you should cut a part as long as the hand support).

Step 4: Get Ready for the Wood Lathe 1

Find and mark the middle of the piece of wood.

Make a little hole in the middle.

Step 5: Get Ready for the Wood Lathe 2

Use a wood gouge and remove the extra wood on the side of the log. Careful: this extra wood can cause serious wobble in the wood lathe.

Try to come as close as possible to a cylinder shape.

Step 6: Use the Wood Lathe

Attach the log in the wood lathe and shave the material until you got an nice looking cylinder shape.

(Tip 1 : Place the hand support as close as possible from the log if not, your gouges will jump. That can be dangerous for you and your tools.

Tip 2 : Use the gouge correctly by placing the flat part facing upwards)

Step 7: Model Your Handle

Take another lid you have in the kitchen and model your handle accordingly(or unleash your creative soul and improvise the shape). I choose to make mine a bit bigger than the model i had.

Step 8: Last Step With the Wood Lathe

Use sandpaper to polish the lid.

With a gouge, cut the lid from the wood lathe.

You:ll be left with a bit of material on the top of the lid, which you can remove using sandpaper.

Step 9: Machine the Bottom

There will be a lot of material left inside the bottom side.

Take it out with a drill and a Forstner bit. (Tip : it's better and safer to use a vertical drill).

Step 10: Final Step

Wax the lid with natural wax (a combination of beeswax and olive oil) and put together the parts. Don't forget to clean off all that cooking residue from the parts.

Step 11: The Final Product

Now you:re back on track for your six-meals-a-day hobbit diet.

Important: To preserve the life of your unique handle, wipe off any water after you've washed it and give it a wax from time to time.

I hope my mistakes will make your job easy and give this fun little project a try.

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