Fixing a Sledge Hammer or Axe Handle

Introduction: Fixing a Sledge Hammer or Axe Handle


The goal of this ible is to show you how to fix a sledge hammer or axe from which the head has come off; whether it is with a new handle, or if the old handle is still usable.

Step 1: Material

First off, you have to figure out if it is worth fixing. If you already have it and like the wood handle, go for it! Wood handles absorb some shock and make it much easier on the hands and arms. This is almost unavoidable with a sledge hammer where the point is to smash. If you are decent with an axe, it may be worth doing with a nicer and more durable fibreglass axe, it's just that missing your mark will be felt a bit more in your hands.

If you go the fixing route

Step 2: Fix the Head

Add glue all over the cracks in the handle and in the area where you will insert the wedge. Once the wood wedge is in, put in the steel wedges in diagonal to make the wood open up.

Step 3: Prevent Future Damage

Put as many layers of ductape along the top of the handle for about 30 cm (1 foot). About 10 layers will be able to take the brunt of one impact, so try for 40-50 layers. The flexibility and cushyness of the tape will absorb much of the impacts from missed hits.

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