Introduction: Fixing a SureFire E-Series Pocket Clip

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Pocket clips can break on SureFire E-Series flashlights. SureFire will replace the part free of charge, but don't include instructions for replacement.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts and Tools

Wait for your replacement clip to arrive from SureFire customer service. The only tool required is a thin bladed flat head screwdriver.

Step 2: Disassemble Flashlight

Remove bezel, batteries, and the O-Ring. Be sure to pull the O-ring over the threads at the flat spot where the clip is located.

Step 3: Remove the Broke Clip and Retainer

Use the thin screwdriver to push the plastic retainer under the clip out. The whole assembly will slide out the top.

Step 4: Slide the New Clip and Retainer Into the Body

Slide the clip into the body, then insert the retainer. Be sure the clip and retainer are flush with the body.

Step 5: Reassemble SureFire

Slide the O-ring back over the threads, insert the batteries, and screw down the bezel. Bezel should screw down flush with body. Test light.