Introduction: Fixing and Improving a Double Sided Tonka Remote Control Car

When I was little I always used to play with this remote control car. As a six year old, I remember getting this special gift from my grandparents. I have memories of taking this car to my grandparent´s house where I would drive it down a hill in their backyard and feeling the thrill of watching my car going down as fast as lightning. But one day it broke. I've tried to fix it when I was little but I couldn't and now this is my opportunity to fix something I treasured as a child. This is the reason why I want to fix my remote control car. I want it to start working again, make the battery more durable and just make it better.

Step 1: Disassemble the Top of the Car

To disassemble the top of the car you need a screwdriver. You need to disassemble the top to reach the battery. Once you reach the battery you finished this step. The battery looks like the one like the photo. You should remove all of the stickers.

Step 2: Remove Wires From Battery

To remove the wires from the battery you will need to be gentle because the wires might break. You will need to separate them piece by piece until you are fully done. Then, you will need to cut a piece of the wire so the other part of the wire can appear like in the photo.

Step 3: Put Wires Into New Battery

First of all, you will need to get a new rechargeable battery. Then you will need something that should go on top of the battery that has wires. Then you will need to connect the wires (Black with black, red with red.) And finally, you will use electrical tape so it dosesn't fall and you will need to connect it to the car.

Step 4: Check If the Car Can Turn On

Once you have connected the battery you should close the top of the car and then try the on and off switch. once you checked you should turn on the controller and if a red light appears it means you did it right. Then finally you should move the levers of the controller and the car will finally move.

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