Introduction: Fixing Jammed Snowblower Auger

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I was clearing snow from the driveway next door with everything going smoothly until I ran over a heavy garbage net that was hidden under the snow. (Nets are commonly used here to protect bags of garbage from crows and gulls). Heard a fairly loud muffled bang and no more snow coming out of the chute. My security camera caught a couple of still shots taken when the incident occurred. I included these shots in the video (below).

My initial thought was I'd be replacing a shear pin or pins... turned out both the shear pin on the top of the driveline (near the power take off - PTO) and the second shear pin located near the gear box on the snow blower were both ok.

After a few coffees and time the accumulated snow in the blower melted enough for me to get the net untangled and removed. The video shows what actually happened and how the repair was done.

Step 1: Video Details What Happened When the Auger Jammed and How I Fixed the Problem

Making videos is a major hobby of mine so I took advantage of an unexpected bad situation and set my cameras up to record what happened and how I resolved the problem. Hope you enjoy the video.