Introduction: Fixing the Slow Arduino IDE | More Than 20 Seconds Delay

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I have been using the Aduino Software IDE for months with minor problems. I thought I never had the right to post a troubleshooting guide with my very little knowledge. However, I dared posting it to help fellow learners. I encountered another problem that was not fixable by the said guide. The Arduino Software I have been using suddenly became slow. The splash screen was displaying for more than 20 seconds before a blank sketch appear. The same was happening when opening an example sketch or viewing my very own written code.

The more than 20 seconds delay was not that long actually. It is like leaning my back on chair and looking at ceiling for few moment. However, the more than 20 seconds accumulate when opening several files. It’s kinda annoying and tend to was a lot of time. Fixing is deemed necessary.

I fixed the problem the doing the following:

Step 1:

Download the file available rxtx Serial.dll and Copied and replaced the rxtxSerial.dll to Arduino Software root folder.

Step 2: Congratulations!!!!

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