Fixing the Edge of a Chipped Marble Tabletop With Sugru

Introduction: Fixing the Edge of a Chipped Marble Tabletop With Sugru

The edges of our marble composite tabletop were chipping and cracking; the uneven jagged edges were scraping up against those sitting at the table.  We decided to use sugru to smooth out the edges.  

Step 1: Clean the Area

First make sure the edge of the chipped composite marble is clean. 

Step 2: Decide on Your Color

We decided to use black sugru for this project.

Step 3: Open Package

Cut open the package

Step 4: Kneed Sugru

Kneed the sugru for a moment or two between your fingers to get it pliable. Once the package is open, you'll have about 30 minutes to work with it optimally.

Step 5: Place Sugru in Chipped Area

Break off a piece of sugru and place it in the chipped area, making sure the sugru on the bottom of the chipped area is shaped level with the flat underside of tabletop. 

Step 6: Smoothing

Smooth the sugru into the chipped area, and also into surrounding cracks.

Step 7: Drying

Allow the sugru to dry for at least 24 hours. 

Although the material does not blend in with the color of the tabletop, the edges are smoother and safer - which was the intention for this project.

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