Introduction: Fixing White Streaking of Belkin Omniview Pro2 KVM (F1DA108T)

Here is a quick way of fixing an expensive KVM made by Belkin.

The problem is that after a while white streaks show up that makes using the KVM impossible.

Hardware needed:
1 x Belkin Omniview Pro2 KVM 8-ports (dunno if it will work with 16/4 ports) - F1DA108T

Parts needed:
1 x 100uf @ 25V

Tools needed:
1 x Solder wick
1 x Soldering iron
1 x Philips screwdriver
1 x Pliers

Step 1: Problem?

First lets see what the problem is.

As seen in the image it is unusable.
well lets see how it can be fixed.

1. My first ideas were that if I connect a screen directly to the computer there is no problem, so it has to be the KVM
2. This problem appears on all ports, so it has to be something in the output circuits.
3. Start probing in the output circuit.
4. Check power adapter.
5. Check any power regulators maybe they are faulty.

Step 2: Opening the KVM F1DA108T

First unplug the power adapter.

Open the KVM using the screwdriver, there are 4 screws on the top and 2 on each side.

Step 3: Where the Problem Is.

On the top you will see the 2 chips that are responsible for the pass-trough video  and OSD (On screen display)
I first removed one and see what kind results I'd get, one chip is responsible for the internal video over signal (the smaller one) and
the other for the output itself.

So the problem was probably in the bigger one since it is responsible for the output.

Check other capacitor for leakage or other deformities.

Step 4: Fixing the Problem

I do not have an oscilloscope just a multimeter (cheap one at that)
so the most that I could do is to check voltages and resistances.

But there I saw an unpopulated space for a capacitor and I thought maybe add a capacitor here and see what happens (C78).
And I did just that to see what happens aaaaaaaaand it worked! I could not believe my luck!

So what you need to do is to remove the top board from the case, this takes a while since the board is held by that screws in the
back that hold the VGA ports so you will have to remove 18 screws using the pliers.

Than gently lift the board applying force near the board connectors.

Step 5: Adding the Capacitor

Use solder wick to remove the solder from the two place near C78.
Put the capacitor (100uf@50V) and solder it.
Assemble the board back and give it a go (careful not to touch anything while it is working!)

After that close everything up and screw back into place.

That is all, hope that helps!.