Introduction: Fizzy Cranberries

These lovely (and tasty) bottled cranberries have been a favorite in my home for years. They started as a practical way to store cranberries year round, and we were surprised to find that over time they become slightly carbonated adding a delightful fizz to muffins, pancakes, berry crumbles and other breads and desserts.

You will need:

*Fresh cranberries (available from any grocery store around Christmas time)
*Pint-sized jars made for canning
*Lids and bands
*White sugar
*Large cooking pot
*Home canning pot with lid and inner rack

Step 1: Prepare the Cranberries and Jars

Put the cranberries in a collander and remove any squished, shriveled, or otherwise undersirable cranberries.

Wash the jars and rings in a dishwasher. It is very important that the jars are sanitized or the fruit may become contaminated.

Step 2: Fill the Jars

Fill each jar tightly with cranberries. Make sure to leave empty space between the level of cranberries and the top of the jar. A good rule of thumb is to stop filling the jar at the first screw line.

Bring several cups of water to boil in a large pot. The amount you will need is dependant upon how many jars of cranberries you are canning. After the water is boiling, add an equal part white sugar and stir until dissolved.

Fill each jar of cranberries with the syrup. Again, don't fill above the first screw line on the jar.

With a damp, clean cloth, wipe off the lip of each jar. Put a new canning lid on top and screw a band onto the jar.

Step 3: Boil!

Place five or six jars into a home canning pot. Make sure the jars aren't touching each other. Fill the pot with water to an inch above the jars and cover with the lid.

Bring the water to a boil and keep boiling for 20 minutes. Take the finished jars out of the hot water immediately and let them cool on the counter top.

Before storing the jars of cranberries, remove the bands and write the year on the lid with a permanent marker.

These cranberries will keep for years without losing taste, fizziness, or their beautiful color.


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