Introduction: Flag Coasters (Duct Tape and Cardboard)

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These simple drink coasters are made from duct tape and cardboard. If it's not obvious, they were in fact inspired by the Cardboard and Duct Tape Contest, (please vote if you like) but my fondness for coasters of all kinds also played a role. My wife contributed as well, suggesting I make the American Flag. Not much is needed as far as materials go and these can be completed in a short amount of time. I will show you how to make the American Flag, but other flags and really any design you are skilled enough to cut out of duct tape could also be made.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

  • Duct Tape: Red, White and Blue (or any other color for your flag/design)
  • Cardboard
  • Spray Gloss (optional)
  • White Latex Craft Paint
  • Sheet of Self-adhesive Felt
  • Ex-acto Knife
  • Ruler
  • Pen (not shown)
  • Scissors (not shown)
  • Fine Tip Paint Brush

Step 2: Cut and Cover!!

Cut Your Cardboard

Take your scissors and cut out a piece of cardboard that's 5" X 3 1/4" in size. That may seem odd, but there is a reason for the specific dimensions.

Cover Your Cardboard

Now using the white duct tape, wrap the cardboard piece horizontally (an overlap is okay). After you have covered the face of the cardboard with the white tape, wrap the red duct tape vertically (again an overlap is okay). It is impotant you do it in this order and in the direction specified, I tried it a couple of ways (visible in some of the pics) and this is the best method.

Step 3: Making the Stripes


This is where the odd measurement of 3 1/4" becomes useful. With your ruler and pen, measure out 13 stripes (the total number of red and white stripes on the American Flag) each a 1/4" in width. Draw lines horizontally along the coaster.


Take the Ex-acto knife and cut along each of the lines from end to end.

Stripes before your eyes

The American Flag starts with a red stripe at the top and ends with a red stripe at the bottom. Starting with the second stripe down, pull the red tape away reveling the white tape underneath. Continue pulling away every other strip until you have seven (7) red stripes and six (6) white stripes.

Step 4: Putting the Stars in " Stars and Bars"

Blue Rectangle

Place a piece of blue duct tape horizontally on the top left hand corner so that the bottom is even with the bottom of the fourth red stripe (should be about the width of a piece of duct tape, see pic). Measure 2 1/2" from the left side and cut a straight edge on the blue duct tape.


The stars are in a specific pattern in order to get all 50. That pattern consist of a row of 6 on the bottom followed by a row of 5 . This continues in an alternating fashion until there are 5 rows of 6 stars and 4 rows of 5 stars. Use a pen to mark the placement of the stars. Then using a fine tipped paintbrush paint a white dot over each of the pen marks.

Step 5: Felt Backing

Place the Flag on the felt and either trace and cut with scissors or cut out the felt backing with the ex-acto knife.

**NOTE: When you trace the coaster you want to place it on the back of the felt. so when it's cut out it will be a perfect match** 

Step 6: Clear Coat (Optional)

Clear Coat Finish

Duct tape is fairly waterproof but just for added protection I sprayed a coat of clear gloss glaze over the coaster. This gives it a nice shine and also added protection from condensation.

Thanks for viewing my instructable!! I hope i've inspired you to make something. If you like the Instructable I'd appreciate a vote, Thanks!!

Note the Penny Coaster I made in the last photo**

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