Flag of Italy - Courgette Bake

Introduction: Flag of Italy - Courgette Bake

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Looking a my nose its probably my Roman heritage that drew me to this recipe.

It is deceptively tasty and can be varied to suit tastes.

About an hour at 150c in a fan oven. Seems even tastier the next day, a bit like some curries do. A little goats butter to stick the garlic down with, then alternate slices of Courgette, Onion and tomato. Drizzle with olive oil then rasp some fresh black pepper on. No salt. Cover with foil and oven for an hour. Remove foil and add layer of Parmigiano Reggiano then return to the oven for another fifteen minutes. Or leave until next day then cheese and finish.

Step 1: Courgette Bake

Use only the finest quality ingredients. I’ve started adding a crumbled veggy oxo lately and this makes it super intense. It goes really well with pan fried chicken breast in butter, or half a dozen Cumberland thin pork sausages. Also great on toasted chunky bread.

I don’t use as much garlic lately and less olive oil now I cook it in foil. It doesn’t burn using foil and even more tasty liquor is released by the veg. Don’t add water, only best quality olive oil, about two tablespoons minimum. I just glutch it on until it looks right!

I have tried it with curry powder sprinkled on, and that was great too.

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